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 Udo, inventor of the lolaloo, from Berlin
"Our first son was very quiet. He slept practically all day long, and when he was awake, he was for the most part calm. Our second child was the complete opposite. Lola, after whom the lolaloo is named, was only content when we were out and about with her in her baby carriage. The bumpier the street, the quieter and happier the child. The idea for the lolaloo came to me when I was once again standing in the garden and rocking the baby carriage while our lunch was getting cold. How nice it would be to have a helping hand I thought back then. Today, as I write, our third child is lying next to me in his baby carriage and sleeping peacefully, because now we have the lolaloo!"

Ivy from Helsinki
"I have nothing but good words to say about the lolaloo. Having two kids is a tough job, especially with an older girl who needs frequent attention. I can just put the lolaloo on my 6 month old's crib and let it do the rocking for me until he sleeps soundly. Then I have more time with my elder child.

It's one of the closest thing I could get to having a nanny at home. Thanks for inventing this!"

Anette from Cologne
"Really fantastic!"

Caroline from Frankfurt
"We just rented the lolaloo to start with because we weren't sure if it would work for us and for our daughter. I would buy one the next time though because it did us so much good. For those who don't know: children will sleep blissfully when they are on the move or when their stroller is being rocked but will wake up as soon as they are stationary again. I have turned on the lolaloo many times at this point though and Anna sleeps peacefully on. This gives you the chance to browse in shops, drink a coffee, enjoy the sun for a few moments, chat to people (all in peace) or even to have a quick nap once you're back indoors whilst your child sleeps on soundly in their stroller. These little things make it worthwhile. It doesn't always work on command of course. Our kids aren't machines after all. But lolaloo has gifted me many quiet moments, and my husband and I were also soon able to go and have something to eat together without one of us always having to rock the stroller. On top of that, the lolaloo also makes a great conversation starter - people are always asking me about my jiggling stroller. Conclusion: it's worth it. It's a real help (right from the outset, every moment you can get to yourself counts...) and it's enjoyable to use. Great invention! Tip: always charge it up again straight away when the battery is empty! "

Anonymous from Berlin
"The lolaloo is great and the service is excellent. I had a problem with one of the velcro straps and lolaloo sent 2 replacements immediately with instructions on how to reattach them."

Anna from Berlin
"Now I have also found a use for the lolaloo in the apartment: thanks to the lolaloo our little one now also enjoys lying in her swing without me having to constantly give her a push. Ingenious! "

Malin from Sulzbach
"I'm thrilled with this really useful invention and also with the notably friendly service of the Lolaloo team."

Goffredo from Firenze
"Thank you for this great invention and for all your disponibility. I had problems with my lolaloo but the staff solved the problem in a very excellent professional way and in few days I had my new lolaloo back home. Still thank you for everything.
PS: In a certain way lolaloo changed our life... specially our nights!!! "

Susan from Berlin
"I'm thrilled. It even works on our crib, BRILLIANT! I can work for a lot longer at a time in my office whilst my child sleeps peacefully in the baby carriage in the fresh air."

Claudia from Munich
"Our daughter has just reached 5 months but from the start she would only sleep during the day when we took her for a drive or went for a walk with the baby carriage. Thanks to lolaloo she now gets off to sleep "alone"- it's really unbelievable! Many thanks for the totally ingenious invention!! Once she started to cry after 20 mins. of her afternoon nap and when I had a look, the battery was empty and the carriage had stopped rocking.. she'd woken up straight away as a result. Proof that the lolaloo really works! We still like to go for walks like before but we're pleased that we can stay home when it's raining now :-)"

Pastor from Coria del Río, Seville
"My little daughter Jimena is just one month old, and although she's nice, sometimes she takes a long time to get asleep. But now there's no problem because lolaloo has worked perfectly. I recommend lolaloo as an essential purchase for a baby born."

Noelia from Madrid
"Hi!! This is the best invention I've ever imagined for the peace of my home. Thanks!"

Stephanie from Berlin
"Our 'rock-a-bye baby' loves her lolaloo particularly for getting to sleep in the evening! After various attempts to get the little one to go to sleep quickly in the evening, the following turned out to be a guaranted method: we put the top end of our baby carriage, which the lolaloo is attached to, on my husband's old skateboard, turn the lolaloo on and our little one is asleep within minutes!!! After half an hour we turn it off and she stays blissfully sleeping... The lolaloo has also already proved very valuable for eating out and everyone knows how awesome it is to enjoy a hot meal together!."

Heidi from Erlangen
"As grandmother and the one who gave the lolaloo as a present, I only get to witness its benefits every now and then. I think this device is a very helpful invention particularly for the first 3 to 4 months. The baby carriage stands in the apartment and the baby can still be safely laid down and calmed there- e.g. when his parents are eating together, telephoning, when you have visitors etc."

Susanne from Berlin
"The lolaloo is amazing. It was especially useful on our recent holiday because the baby carriage had to serve as a replacement for a cradle. And thanks to the lolaloo we were able to spend wonderful evenings under palm trees whilst the little one slept peacefully in the baby carriage."

Barbara from Berlin
"Both our children are unfortunately too old now to experience the benefits of the lolaloo but we've given it twice now as a birth gift and it's gone down very well both times! So, if you're looking for an unusual, easy on the eye, sophisticated gift that will make the difficult first months easier for fledgling parents, then you are right on the money (and you can also save money by clubbing together and ordering with friends.)"

Sarah from Berlin
"Exactly like his big brother four years ago, Fynn only sleeps as long as his baby carriage is moving. As soon as I get in the front door or sit down in a cafe, he is awake and ready for action. That's what it was like before the lolaloo in any case. Now Fynn sleeps easily an hour or so, sometimes even longer, thanks to the lolaloo's gentle rocking. And mom can finally drink a coffee in peace, write an email or- more importantly- play with big brother without being constantly interrupted."

Cornelia from Kulmbach
"Around 6 years ago, we had to keep our son in constant motion so that he would stay asleep for longer than 10 minutes at a time. That meant as long as the wheels were moving, he would sleep but as soon as the carriage stood still, he would wake up again. After practically 2 hours spent pushing the baby carriage, we were pretty exhausted. Of course the work didn't go away. Now we have a second child, which we were sure would be a completely different type of kid. One like many of our friends have: kid in stroller, 10 minutes of pushing and then 2 hours of sleep. But it was the same thing as it had been years before. So we had to find some help- which came with the lolaloo. Everything is more relaxed now, if not all the time, then at least fairly often. Quite often we can even go to church on Sundays together, thanks to lolaloo. The baby listens to the organ music and then blissfully dozes off......"

Jens from Berlin
"In the first six months, our daughter was only able to sleep in a moving baby carriage. The lolaloo definitely brought us some relief because we no longer had to keep the carriage constantly moving. That provided us with the possibility of putting the time when the baby was asleep to other uses. We could enjoy the view in the garden and the view of a happily sleeping child at the same time."

Anna from Berlin
"Hurray!! I had to always dutifully push and rock my first son through half of Berlin to get him to sleep. Now I just have to move my second as far as the balcony! The lolaloo goes on and it's off to sleep!! Many thanks!"

Klaus from Hamburg
"The lolaloo is fantastic! THANKS!"

Beate from Munich
"Unfortunately my baby is also a typical "I'm only going to sleep when I'm moving" child. Thanks to lolaloo I can now go to a cafe with my child and sit in complete peace chatting with friends. Going for a walk is also nice of course- but just not ALL THE TIME :-)"

Johanna from Bremen
"We always made fun of the people that we have all heard about who put their child on top of the washing machine to get them to go to sleep. Instead, we found that my husband usually had to do one lap after the other in the car with our little Isabell. Just so that Isabell would finally drift off. Now we have our lolaloo and we save a lot on petrol as well as sparing our nerves."

Julia from Berlin
"The lolaloo is just the thing for shopping. Our first children would begin to cry as soon as we were in the supermarket and the carriage wasn't moving any more. Now with our third child I can do my shopping in peace."

Nicole from Potsdam
"My little Max finds it hard to get to sleep. I was always carrying him around the apartment, or had to go for a stroll with the baby carriage. Now the lolaloo helps me. I finally have a little more time for me and can at least get a few things done around the house again."

Stefanie from Hamburg
"As a mother of two, I now have the task of looking after both kids at the same time. The older one wants to be doing something but, sadly, this is always when the younger one has to have a nap. And he prefers to do that in a baby carriage which is moving. Now with the lolaloo we can all go to the playground together: the baby carriage is rocked by the lolaloo, whilst I am free to attend to the older child."
Tell us about your experience with the lolaloo. Which situations has it particularly helped you with? What do you find good and what improvements could we still make? We very much look forward to hearing your first-hand reports.

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18.11.11 - The lolaloo is convincing in Maminetz Product Test
The Maminetz editorial team has tested the lolaloo with their 3.5 months old child and state: "With the lolaloo our life really has become much more relaxed in many ways."
14.06.11 - Berlin with Children - Recommendation 2011
Berlin-based magazines, the cultured-focused tip and family-oriented HIMBEER, have recommended the lolaloo after it passed without difficulty the tough test of the editorial team's own children.
In 'Berlin mit Kind 2011/ 2012' (p.53)
04.01.10 - kidsgo tests the lolaloo
lolaloo aids sleep - all families that have tested the lolaloo recommend other parents buy it. The testers were really pleased with the rocking movement - it was awarded a "very good" (1.6).
15.12.09 - Radio Dresden tested the lolaloo
"Our test baby Gustav is now 3 months old and just couldn't get enough of the smooth rocking motion."
Recording Radio Dresden:
"André & Die Morgenmädels" (mp3)
3.12.09 - VANDERZANDE checks the lolaloo
Erwin van der Zande editor-in-chief of Dutch magazine Bright - Innovative Lifestyle says: "Briljant ding!"
20.09.09 - Hip & Hot on the lolaloo
This hip, vibrating thing you can put on the stroller or cradle. This can help to get your baby quiet or even asleep... I tried it myself and it really worked.
17.09.09 - Winner of the Kind+Jugend Innovation Award
The jury unanimously named the product lolaloo as the winner. It impressed the jury with its simplicity and effectiveness.
16.05.09 - Der Tagesspiegel on the lolaloo
Der Tagesspiegel has awarded the lolaloo 8 out of 10 possible points after testing. "Baby falls asleep. And sleeps. And sleeps."
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