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For Baby's Sleep
We have developed the lolaloo to make everyday life easier for parents. The lolaloo rocks a baby carriage or stroller in a way that mimics what is usually done by hand. The soothing movements lull your baby to sleep in the comfort of their familiar surroundings.
Udo Blenk & Stefan Stöhr
(The lolaloo's inventors)
The lolaloo is compact and light­weight and attaches conveniently to a baby carriage or stroller's handles by means of two Velcro fastenings.
The lolaloo has a built-in battery and can therefore be used anywhere.
The degree of movement can be adjusted according to personal preference using the lolaloo's control elements.

14.06.11 - Berlin with Children - Recommendation 2011
The magazines tip and HIMBEER have recommended the lolaloo after it passed the tough test of the editorial team's own children.
4.01.10 - kidsgo tests the lolaloo
lolaloo aids sleep - all families that have tested the lolaloo recommend other parents buy it.
17.09.09 - Winner of the Kind+Jugend Innovation Award
The jury unanimously named the lolaloo as the winner. It impressed the jury with its simplicity and effectiveness.
Let your lolaloo help you get through the day with less stress.
 your lolaloo today.
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